3D Creations

I have created a unique way of appreciating artwork.  Truly One of A Kind.

My many years as a custom picture framer have allowed me close observation of hundreds of artistic creations which deepened my creative inquiry. I continually contemplated, “How could I make the artwork become more alive”.  In this way the viewer could further appreciate what the artist was conveying. This intense inquiry finally culminated in the emergence of this magical 3D perspective.
This selected image is mounted onto a 1″ – 1 1/2″ light weight high density material. (not wood). After mindful study.  I will feed various aspects of this image manually through a very thin blade.  The results leave me with puzzle piece components.

Next, the sides of each cut piece are hand painted to blend in with the foreground. After the pieces are dry, I reassemble all the elements. A multi-dimensional depth of field emerges as the pieces are placed in their position to enhance the look of the original image.

We now have a finished 3D creation with the thickness of 1 1/2″ – 2″.  A specially designed shadow box is created.  The sides of the shadow box are now hand painted to further enhance the 3D composition.

Now comes the final stage.  The selecting of complimentary museum mats and wooden frame.  With a styling that is integral to the renewal of the artwork.  A Certificate of Authenticity is enclosed.

Shipping costs may vary depending on your area.  We will endeavor to provide the best shipping price for you.

Thank you for your appreciation

All images are of work we have done in the past.  These pieces may or may not be currently available for sale. We accept commissioned art. Email or call or stop by the shop for pricing or more information.

Sizes represent the outside dimension of the artwork.

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