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PROMOTING YOUR BRAND New Product For Our Corporate Clients

This is our latest floating ledge concept. What we’ve done is taken a wooden frame and interfaced it with durable vinyl using the company brand colours throughout. The surface panel is white plexi-glass, or can be other. eg: LED panel. (we are now incorporating LED’s into frames where applicable)
As you can see the final touch is to use the brand name on the face of the ledge.
Project logos (or other attention grabbers) can also be incorporated beside the brand name.
The sky’s the limit as to the uses of this multi-functional floating ledge.


Empty floating ledge suspends flush against the wall – mock-up size is 19 1/2″ x 10″ (can be sized to your needs)

Beautify your brand

Just to say “Thank you” to visiting clients

Easy handouts at Exit / Entrance

Secure metal cleat hanging system (pre-drilled holes for stud location)

The premise behind the ledge is to get your client’s attention upon entering or exiting a new Sales Office or a Corporate Office.
Whether they pickup a business card, handout, or candy/chocolate or showcasing their latest product on a LED panel, we want to leave them with a message of remembering your client’s brand.




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