Key and Jewellery Organizer Hooks

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Key and Jewellery Organizer Hooks-

This is a handcrafted wood one of a kind creation. It is designed with both purposes: It is decorative and functional. You can organize and keep things together in a stylish fashion. We designed it for you to improve the feeling and look of your living environment. Your imagination is key so don’t forget it. Just let the inner designer in you take charge with the improvization of your spaces since this unique and exclusive one of a kind will do the rest.

Other Keyholder Specifications

At Ciraco’s shop we make all of our decorative wall mounted key, jewellery and accessory holders with high quality wood organic frames so you know that you purchased a one of a kind. It is the best of the best. We painted the metal hooks with a protective non-chip coating. And we UV laminated the suede matboard paper inserts. This for long lasting purposes. On the other hand the backings have a secure hanging hardware system. This makes wall mount installation easy.

Our shop cares about the unique appearance of our products and the environment as well. This is the reason why this particular item is made with quality organic farmed wood and an ecological friendly footprint. It shows you the artigiano difference as well! 

Other facts…

You can keep in mind that ALL OF OUR FRAMES ARE MADE OF QUALITY WOOD PICTURE FRAME MOULDING, NO PLASTIC. This is why our floating shelves are so unique. It is the fact we use only highest quality products, norms, standards and processes in order to deliver the highest service and products. However if you have any not listed idea tell us what it is and we will do our best to find the best solution. Remember that we are backed by 30 years of work experience and background. Our previous customers guarantee that.

Do you have any particular request with your country’s flag or design that is not available or you could not find? Are you looking for a size not listed? Aren´t you finding what you came for because your idea is to unique?

That is not a problem! We can customize to almost any size. You can send a message with your specifications and we will find the best solution to your request. You can just let us know what goes through your mind. Check our custom frame gallery. You will see the crazy ideas we have come up with!

We hardly say no to a customer request. Please try us!

Key and Jewellery Organizer Hooks Shipping

Do you want to order but you are not located in North America?

That is not a problem because we love shipping all over the world! We will give you the best shipping rate.

And we really appreciate you for visiting our family shops, web site and feedback! Please share a picture of your item. We love displaying your treasured items. And do not forget to rate and comment since this are our quality guidelines. Visitors, customers, followers opinions are responsible for a big part of our shop movements and decisions. These make us grow. These shape our identity. Sales do too of course 😉

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